Discover CMMS Cost Savings: How to Calculate ROI

Discover CMMS Cost Savings: How to Calculate ROI

Discover CMMS Cost Savings: How to Calculate ROI

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How much can a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) implementation save? An average annual savings of $3.39M was reported in the 2018 State of CMMS Survey.

Primary sources of CMMS savings include reductions in downtime, extensions to equipment lifespans, reductions to inventory costs, and labor efficiency improvements. It is often difficult for organizations to quantify potential cost savings to justify the purchase of a CMMS or to measure whether they are getting the maximum benefit from their CMMS installation. Accruent’s Maintenance Connection ROI Cost Savings Calculator uses data from over 1,500 customers to project your individual cost savings potential.

In this webinar, we will cover real-world CMMS ROI results, introduce our Cost Savings Calculator, explain the data behind the Cost Savings Calculator and help you get started so that you can create your own cost savings projections based on inputs of key parameters reflecting your unique situation.

If you don’t have a CMMS, learn how to calculate your potential savings and justify a CMMS project. If you have a CMMS, compare and benchmark your performance with your savings potential.

This webinar covers

Real-world CMMS ROI Cost Savings Results
CMMS ROI Cost Savings Calculator Data Foundation
Instructions on CMMS ROI Cost Savings Calculator Utilization


Dan Roessler,Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Dan Roessler
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Anthuan Hong, Cost Savings Calculator Developer
Anthuan Hong
Cost Savings Calculator Developer

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