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Published: Feb 04 2021

Embracing the modern workplace- Are you prepared for change?

Supporting you in the safe return to the office and helping craft the future of your office environment; What the “New Normal” looks like and how to plan in the short, medium and long term.

Webinar Date: Wed Mar 17 2021

Webinar Time: 08:00 PM UTC

The future of the office and the way we work is changing. Research by JLL reveals that 30% of Workplaces will transition to a Flexible way of working by 2030.

Join us for this webinar to discuss trends we are seeing and how this will shape the future of your environment. We will focus on the challenges you will face along the way and how you can meet the demands of the modern working environment.

This webinar covers:

  • Creating and implementing a flexible work space strategy
  • Gain an greater understanding of the demographics within your workplace to improve the overall employee experience
  • Highlight what the “New Norm” looks like, and how a self-serve smart workplace can improve the employee experience
  • Understanding how to see a return on your long-term investment in real-estate in the new norm

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