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How 5G Will Revolutionize IoT

Learn how to identify key trends and strategic rollouts of 5G and implement advancements to create a road map to enhance your business.

It has widely been predicted that the Internet of Things is going to transform our lives over the next few years. We have seen many use cases rise in recent years, including Smart Cities, remote monitoring and surgeries for healthcare, manufacturing with Industry 4.0, transportation with self-driving vehicles, virtual reality, and much more.

Businesses have been implementing IoT for years, but the emergence of 5G and Edge AI Computing has now made it possible to make these use cases more powerful and widely used.

For example, in order to be safe, fully autonomous driving (self-driving vehicles) requires real-time data transmission. Current cellular radio standards, such as LTE, have a latency of 30 to 40 milliseconds, making it unsafe for driverless vehicles. The same applies for factory robots and remote surgery - they require real-time data transmission to ensure it is 100% safe and reliable. The combination of 5G and Edge AI computing reduces latency to microseconds and 5G to tens of microseconds. With Edge AI, algorithms can be processed locally on hardware devices and process data without a connection.

These advancements mean we can expect to see an acceleration in the adoption of IoT. The emergence of 5G is going to enable much more far-reaching connectivity for our cities, cars, industries, and health. These areas of innovation will continue to get smarter, and we will experience immersive content like we have never seen before.

Telecommunications plays a key role in enabling 5G rollouts and the continued expansion of mobile network coverage. Telecomm companies will have to become masters in managing their assets. End-to-end asset lifecycle management and remote monitoring of 5G assets will be essential to reduce costs and maximize asset performance.

Watch this webinar to see our vision for how 5G and Edge AI will revolutionize new use cases for IoT.

This Webinar Covers

  • Accruent's vision for how 5G and Edge AI will revolutionize IoT and fast-track more powerful use cases
  • Key trends and strategic imperatives, including case studies and the implications for Telecomm
  • How our Accruent solutions for asset lifecycle management and IoT fit into your strategic roadmap to deliver maximum ROI
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