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Increase Efficiency, Accuracy & Accountability by Going Paperless

Is your healthcare organization still working from paper processes? See why it's time to shift to digital and ways to get started in this on-demand webinar.

Access our webinar, Increase Efficiency, Accuracy, & Accountability by Going Paperless.

In today’s healthcare business environment, electronic record keeping is the norm. Patient records, appointment bookings, visibility of upcoming events, personnel records, procurement activities and even food management for patients are all submitted, fulfilled and retained electronically. The benefits to transferring from paper to electronic records and processes now far outweigh any perceived benefits of paper.

This 60-minute webinar focuses on:

  • Common excuses for keeping paper processes
  • How to handle AHJs that want paper
  • Usual problems with retaining paper-based processes
  • Identify (and quantify) at least 5 benefits of going paperless
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