Webinar On-Demand

Kinsmen Group: Race Towards Digital Transformation

Get customer insights that will help accelerate your digital transformation strategy in this on-demand webinar using the fun game-show format — Family Feud!

Engineering document management (EDM) is the backbone of a successful digital transformation strategy and optimizes employee safety and productivity, reliability, and compliance.

In this webinar, you will hear the voice of the customer (VOC) through Accruent’s Meridian partner, Kinsman, using the fun game-show format — Family Feud. Questions asked to participants include:

  • What are the top seven reasons that drive organizations to implement or improve their engineering document management solution?
  • What are the top seven ways we can improve the adoption of systems and solutions?
  • What are the top six most-used new features in Meridian in 2020?
  • What are the top five considerations for implementing a successful integration with a maintenance management system?
  • What are the top five most important areas to measure to ensure that you are achieving your goals?

Find out their answers, get actionable insights, and see which team wins the race to digital transformation!  

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