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New Webinar Series: Step 7 Third Party Service Management

Discover how to deploy, document and manage third-party service managements solutions.

In our new series “10 Steps to Make Your Healthcare Technology and Facilities Departments a Strategic Asset”, Al Gresch will share data and process methodologies to drive value and recognition for your department.

In this session, we’ll focus on Third Party Service Management.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Deploy and document an automated contract management system to centralize and rationalize service contracts
  • Proactively flag equipment under service contracts
  • Alert managers to pending contract expiration
  • Automate the documentation and performance of vendors against their SLAs
  • Automate management of expiration dates
  • Map service contracts to assets
  • Create dashboards and reports to track vendor SLA compliance
  • Develop and implement standard processes and procedures for contract management
  • Rationalize contracts to identify opportunities to consolidate/eliminate contracts and vendors
  • Integrate with major vendor CMMS systems to provide real-time work order updates and to eliminate manual data entry
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