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Turbocharge Your CMMS with Meridian

Explore how you can do more with less with a relationship between your EDMS and CMMS, creating a single secure and up-to-date document source.

Today you are trying to do more with less. Less budget, less staff, and less time. You need systems and technology that can quickly share information and provide easy access for your team. Even with a robust CMMS platform, there’s often critical documentation – like engineering documents, facility documentation, CAD drawings and technical manuals – that can’t be readily accessed or updated due to unavailability or constant change.

This is particularly true in a controlled environment in which documents must be constantly approved, version tracked, controlled and updated to maintain compliance and effective change management.

That’s where Meridian engineering document management system (EDMS) can help. We can share how you can convert windshield time into wrench time by providing all the work order data and required documentation to your team in an easy-to-use solution.

This webinar explores:

  • How Meridian EDMS can enhance your existing CMMS document management functionality
  • How using Meridian document management with Maintenance Connection can increase the accuracy of work being performed
  • How to use these tools to maximize transparency and trust between your technicians and engineers
  • How to use Meridian to streamline access to critical documentation
  • How Meridian can help significantly reduce error in your CMMS documentation, and more
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