When looking at the retail landscape today, there are both challenges and opportunities for organizations. While some retailers are struggling—with many stores closing their doors in 2018 and 2019—other retailers are thriving and expanding their reach. Among the retailers that are growing, there is a consistent theme that revolves around retailers who are embracing new technology and innovation to provide a unique customer experience. They are building a sense of community and engaging with their customers in ways other retailers are not. In this whitepaper, we talk about 5 things that retailers can embrace to get customers in the store and coming back.

Accruent - White Paper - Navigating the New Retail Landscape

Features covered are:

  • What is customer experience and what does it mean?
  • Is store location as important as it used to be?
  • Can distribution channels make or break your business?
  • How important to your customers is it to be environmentally friendly?
  • Who are Millennials and Gen Z, and what do they want?