Optimize Your Retail Environment for the “New Normal”

Optimize Your Retail Environment for the “New Normal”


Redesign and optimize your retail environment for the “new normal” by optimizing the customer experience, taking control of your finances, and making social distancing and in-store pick up a positive experience with Accruent’s purpose-built retail project and facility management solutions.

The Retail Landscape is Evolving


The retail landscape has changed dramatically in the wake of COVID-19 – for better and for worse. On one hand, department stores have seen up to 200% declines in profits, while supermarkets, discounters and warehouse clubs have witnessed an unprecedented boon. What’s more, the way that people shop and interact with retailers has fundamentally shifted, with 68% of shoppers preferring self-checkout and 68% voicing their desire for increased in-store distancing.

Wherever your company stands, Accruent is here to help. With our updated suite of retail solutions, Accruent can help you maintain lease flexibility and optimize your portfolio based on your unique needs – so whether you need to focus your investments, launch capital projects, reformat your stores to prioritize health and safety, or support in-store pick-up for online purchases, Accruent has the solution for you.

How Do You Optimize Retail For the “New Normal?”

Reformat Stores for a Seamless Customer Experience

Alternative purchasing options like online purchases and in-store pickup were already increasing in popularity – but they’ve taken off during the pandemic as part of a fundamental shift in how customers shop and interact with retailers. And today’s customers will accept nothing less. That’s why many retailers are reformatting their floor plans to allow for more inventory and experimenting with turning their stores into fulfillment centers to better manage online traffic.

Learn more about our best practices for accelerating this process.

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Adapt Floorplans to Promote Social Distancing

In many states and counties, local governments have strict regulations surrounding social distancing and COVID-19 precautions – and the majority of customers feel more comfortable in a socially distanced shopping environment. To help their employees and customers feel safe, many retailers must adapt their floor plans to build community trust and allow for adequate physical distancing.

Reduce Unnecessary Maintenance Spend

Across the board, budgets are tighter than ever before – and professionals in the retail industry must accomplish more with fewer resources. For many, this will require reducing and rerouting unnecessary spend, which can include store-level maintenance costs.

Read more about implementing data-driven decision making.

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Accruent Retail Solutions Can Help


Accruent’s purpose-built suite of solutions is designed to help retailers manage the full retail lifecycle and make strong, informed business decisions. That’s why some of the most recognizable brands in the world have turned to Accruent to connect their departments, drive down costs and provide the transparency they need to thrive in the “new normal.”


Lower Facility & Asset Related Costs with vx Maintain

Use the new service provider directory to find low-cost maintenance technicians and save on maintenance spend. Keep maintenance costs in check with a new embedded analytics dashboard. Use your work order data to make proactive, informed maintenance decisions.

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Improve Lease Terms & Flexibility with Lx Contracts

Quickly and easily understand lease terms as you optimize your portfolio. Effectively negotiate lease terms and prioritize lease flexibility to meet changing needs, all while maintaining compliance in this changing landscape.

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Optimize Your Project Management with Lx Projects

Access your project information on-site – and make updates anywhere, anytime – with the new Lx Projects mobile app. Take advantage of new best practice templates to complete projects more quickly and efficiently. Easily compare and select project bids using our new bidding comparison tool.

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