Managed Services

Managed Services’ experts and resources help you accelerate ROI and achieve lasting business results by optimizing your Accruent software solutions

Accruent - Managed Services

What is Accruent Managed Services?

Accruent Managed Services (AMS) is a subscription-based service structured by you and your AMS consultant to fit your unique needs. As part of AMS, Accruent provides access to experienced and certified specialists, along with a Service Manager to organize meetings, define priorities and help you achieve your desired business goals though the most effective use of your Accruent software. When you engage with AMS, you will benefit from:  

A Success Plan that is created using your business objectives and Accruent software best practices.  

A team of experts to deliver on the priorities identified in the Success Plan. 

Lower service costs and increased software quality over time.  

Ongoing consulting driving business continuity.  

Increased ROI and time to concentrate on your pressing strategic initiatives. 

What to Expect from Accruent Managed Services


BPR to assess needs, review outcomes and update the Success Plan.


Support for customized features and personalized configuration, including scripts and APIs that are deployed or approved by Accruent


• Environment documentation library and configuration maintenance  

• Workflow analysis, configuration troubleshooting and issue resolution  

• Application reporting assistance


• Configuration change request and improvements  

• Deploy best practices across your organization


• Identify, monitor and report KPI’s from software application and environment  

• Receive advance notice for updates, including services packs and hotfixes


• Product update roadmap to define a path to ongoing success  

• Ensure you have access to the latest product features

• Use case testing prior to new production releases available for some AMS plans


• Training for new and existing users  

• New feature training and demonstration

Map Out Your Customer Journey

If you engage in a 30-minute customer journey mapping conversation, one of our experts will work one-on-one to help you:  

  • Begin your Success Plan that helps you maximize your software and target future goals  

  • Home in on recommendations and take action to improve your software utilization

  • Update your goals and recommendations to maximize business results

Solution Optimization

Application needs can change as business needs change. Adjust workflows rules, system configurations, and/or automation steps to adapt functionality.

Business Process Review

A Business Process Review (BPR) is a comprehensive evaluation of key metrics, workflows, and user activity by industry experts, providing guidance to better manage your business, contain costs, and improve service delivery.


Receive targeted guidance from our experienced consultants on a range of topics, including reporting, workflows, and best practice alignment, and ensure you are prepared for impactful industry trends.

Training Services

Maximize the value of your investment with ongoing training for upgrades, new releases, additional users and further advancement of your application.