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Hoteling Workspace Management

Accruent’s cloud-based workspace management software makes supports a flexible, activity-based workplace. Whether it’s a cubicle, shared table, standing desk, parking space or closed-in office, your team can always find the right space when they need it.

The Future is Workplace Flexibility

Companies are turning away from permanent desks and offices to provide a more flexible system for assigning workspaces. Open floor plans and office hoteling (or hot desking) are becoming increasingly common in the modern workplace because they enhance collaboration, foster employee engagement and lower real estate costs by reducing the number of desks needed to accommodate a highly mobile workforce.

Workspace Utilization

Employees travel between offices, take vacations and stay home sick. With telecommuting becoming a common practice, traditional office spaces are starting to feel a little empty.

Unoccupied desks and underutilized conference rooms are an expensive drain on your facilities budget. A desk-reservation system allows you to track when a desk or space is being used and how often. With this information, you can make smarter real estate decisions, reduce overhead and decrease spend by slashing unneeded square footage.

Hoteling Office Space

Hoteling office space is workspace that employees can reserve to work, collaborate with colleagues, meet with clients or customers, and perform other tasks necessary for their jobs. Office hoteling typically involves reserving a space in advance, and it allows employees control and freedom over their work environment.

Hoteling office spaces offer benefits including flexibility, better space utilization and improved employee engagement.

Activity-Based Workspaces

Employee expectations are changing. Today’s workforce is increasingly looking for more flexibility and mobility in their work options. New generations are turning away from a static desk and looking for more activity-based workspaces options, often requiring the use of desk booking software.

Whether they want comfy couches, quiet huddle rooms or shared collaboration spaces, employees want to find the space they need when they need it. And with more employees traveling and working on-the-go, being able to connect from anywhere is a modern must-have in the workplace.

Collaboration Culture

The very nature of work has evolved. Employees require varied environments that support collaboration and innovation rather than exclusively focused isolation. If your workspace does not offer enough spaces for employees to gather and work together, you could be limiting your employees’ productivity.

Hoteling and hot desking offer a seamless way for employees to move around and collaborate in the space they need to get their work done.

Simplify Your Workspace Management

Accruent’s cloud-based workspace management, desk hoteling, and hot desk booking software offers a simple, flexible and secure reservation process that fits seamlessly into your established workflows using tools you already have and gives you greater visibility into how your space is being used.

Self-Service Desk and Workspace Reservations

Employees can reserve, update or cancel workspaces for their mobile device, an office kiosk, desk or room sign, and from the standard web application

Neighborhoods and Working Groups

Provide accurate, online floor plans so employees can locate and reserve spaces near colleagues and resources.

Reverse Hoteling Options

Automatically free up permanent workspaces when vacant, creating even more opportunity to optimize your cost per square footage.


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