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Meeting and Room Scheduling

Save Time by Making It Easier to Meet

Accruent’s cloud-based meeting room reservation software makes it faster and easier to book collaboration spaces with a simple, cloud-based interface that integrates across your existing systems.

Make Meetings About Collaboration, Not Complex Systems

Employee expectations are changing. These days, people just want an office environment that works. Seamless flexibility and collaboration are critical to success and any roadblocks – like complex technology or confusing workflows – are going to slow your teams down.

Stop spending time looking for a meeting space only to show up and find that the room is already occupied or doesn’t have the technology or set up you need. Empower your modern workplace with meeting and conference room scheduling solution.

Connect Faster with Room Reservation Software

Configured to Fit Your Needs

Accruent’s meeting room booking software offers a flexible and configurable reservation process that fits seamlessly into your established workflows using tools you already have and gives you greater visibility into how your space is used.

Integrate with Your Google or Outlook Calendar

Let your employees use the tools they are familiar with, but with added functionality that ensures they can find the right room when they need it. Learn more about our Google and Outlook integrations.

Find the Right Room Every Time

Be sure the meeting room you book has the space and technology you need before you arrive by filtering available room choices for location, capacity or available resources, like video conferencing.

Track Your Room Usage Metrics

Increase visibility into your workspace with detailed utilization reports that tell you how often your conference rooms are being used – or not used. With these in-depth insights, you can make informed maintenance and real estate decisions that impact your bottom line.

Outlook or Google Alone Just Isn’t Enough

Today’s workplace needs have surpassed the room scheduling capabilities of a standard calendar tool. While many organizations rely on Outlook or Google to manage their meetings, these tools were never built to manage multiple office locations, different room set ups and enhanced options like catering. Discover what a truly powerful meeting room reservation solution can do for your organization.

Beyond Just Meeting Room Booking

Accruent’s meeting and conference room scheduling software empowers you to do more than simply book meetings. With this highly configurable scheduling platform, you can transform your workplace environment and ensure your team has the tools they need to get the job done.

On-The-Go Meeting Reservations

Use a mobile device to schedule, change or update a meeting reservation, or check-in so you don’t lose the room.

Send Email Alerts

Ensure attendees and service providers know about any meeting changes.

Enforce Permissions-Based Access

Set custom reservation rules based on seniority or role to control how your office meeting rooms are used.

Video Conferencing

Eliminate the complexity of video conference scheduling through one-click workflows and integrations with popular VC technologies.

Generate Invoices

Automatically bill departments and individuals for their use of spaces, services and resources, and track the invoice status over time.

Integrate with Other Building Systems

Integrate with your facility management software for enhanced maintenance visibility or with your HVAC systems to automate heating and cooling and save energy.


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