Improving efficiency and compliance of operational assets with engineering information management.


The Company

COVRA is the Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste in the Netherlands. Under the Dutch Nuclear Energy Act, any company in the Netherlands licenced to work with radioactive materials is bound by law to tender its waste to COVRA. The radioactive waste is collected, stored aboveground, and provided continuous care by COVRA for a period of at least 100 years while research is conducted on possibilities for safe and stable disposal.

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"Meridian enables COVRA to keep as-built engineering information up-to-date and manages the link to operational assets.”
Cor Dost, Head of Maintenance and Systems


The Challenge


The Dutch Nuclear Energy Act requires COVRA to safely and efficiently manage operational assets and related engineering data. COVRA was using an in-house developed TABS application to manage as-built asset information.

After 10 years, the TABS application had to be replaced with standard solutions for maintenance management and engineering information management to perform tasks such as document management, asset management, and management of working permits.


The Solution

COVRA selected Meridian to manage engineering information related to assets and cables, and Ultimo Maintenance Management to manage maintenance orders and work permits. The integration between these systems provides Ultimo Maintenance Management users with one-click access to technical documentation stored in Meridian.

  • Version and change management for engineering drawings
  • Document and asset classification according to the Kraftwerk-Kennzeichensystem (KKS) identification system
  • Standard integration with Ultimo Maintenance Management


The Result

Central storage offers a clear overview of who is working on which version of a document, prevents several versions being in circulation at the same time, and avoids changes being made in different versions. Meridian also supplies extensive search options to quickly and easily find engineering documents.

Asset-related engineering information is carefully controlled by COVRA and monitored by government inspectors and international organisations, resulting in improved efficiency and compliance.

  • Compliance with Dutch Nuclear Energy Act
  • Improved efficiency through faster document search and retrieval
  • Streamlined engineering and project activities
  • Increased quality of asset and engineering information
  • Direct access to up-to-date engineering information for Maintenance