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    Facility Managers

    Facilities Managers spend their days maintaining their buildings, including all the electrical, mechanical, plumbing and architectural/structural components. With both preventive maintenance on the equipment and service requests from occupants, this group typically has its hands full keeping those buildings operational. When there is a problem, it gets fixed.

    Capital Planners

    Capital Planners spend their days looking at the long-term investments for the portfolio and determining the viability of existing buildings and infrastructure. If a new program or use arises, a decision needs to be made on whether an existing building will support that function, if it should be renovated or if a new building is needed. This group decides where and how to invest capital if buildings or major system components are reaching end of life

    In many organizations, the facilities group and the capital planning group are separated and don’t see the other’s day-to-day activities. However, their actions have a significant impact on each other. Capital improvement projects become work orders, and work orders become capital repairs. Investments on one side impact investments on the other.

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