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Healthcare has a lot on its plate. Cybersecurity threats, staffing shortages, inefficient data, asset reliability, and facility management are all obstacles to a good patient experience. Accruent’s healthcare solutions allow you to offer the experience and care your patients deserve as they can streamline asset and maintenance management, provide real-world insights into medical equipment reliability and performance, automate healthcare processes, and so much more.

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Healthcare Asset & Maintenance Management: TMS

Manage the full-service process from asset tracking, compliance, and work initiation through planned maintenance and events to execution and completion by leveraging TMS, a robust healthcare CMMS software.

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Product: Equipment Location Tracking


Actionable Medical Equipment Reliability Information: Data Insights

By compiling asset data from over 1,700 hospitals and 289 million work orders, Accruent Data Insights provides actionable information that streamlines hospital asset and equipment planning. It offers key insights into critical clinical and biomedical equipment, including total cost of ownership, real-world performance, estimated lifespan, and value analysis.

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IoT Environmental Monitoring in Healthcare – vx Observe

The internet of things (IoT) can solve significant pain points in the healthcare industry, providing innovative solutions that allow healthcare professionals to focus on patient care rather than medical equipment. vx Observe IoT remote monitoring software can automate healthcare processes, track vital data, and allow healthcare facilities to monitor inventory, avoid wastage, and improve patient care.  

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My hope is that other hospitals will take advantage of automating operations with Accruent. The changes that Accruent has made for our organization have literally been transformational for our hospital.
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