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Increasing global competition means metals & mining companies must reduce costs and optimize their profitability, but stricter regulations and growing social pressures require a sustainable approach. Accruent's engineering document management solution can help you get ahead of the competition and stay there by providing a centralized repository with complete and accurate information, effortless change management workflows, concurrent engineering, secure document handover, simplified compliance, and so much more.


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Engineering Document Management Solution for Metals & Mining

If you're looking to reduce average document search time from hours to minutes while staying compliant, then look no further than Accruent's engineering information solution.  

Read the brochure to see how it provides robust document search capabilities and enables specific metals & mining regulatory compliance to help you minimize risk and avoid costly fines.  

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Why Enterprise Document Management Software is Insufficient for Engineering Content

Are you managing your engineering and asset documentation with an off-the-shelf management system? That is not always the best strategy since engineering documents are more complex and dynamic in nature.  

Read the whitepaper to learn how you can benefit from specific asset document management software purpose-built for engineering professionals.

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Engineering Document Management

Ensure complete, accurate, and up-to-date engineering information and documentation for your engineering, maintenance, and operations teams. Meridian is a purpose-built EDMS that fosters greater collaboration, allows easy access and tracking of asset information, controls documents' revision history, and streamlines compliance for unparalleled operational excellence.


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