Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management Software

Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership for Medical Equipment with Accruent and Attainia

By using Accruent and Attainia’s complementary capital planning solutions, you can reduce your medical equipment lifecycle costs (MELC) and ensure the highest level of patient care.

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Managing your full asset lifecycle management – from pre-assessment through acquisition and support through final disposition – is the only way to truly know and reduce the total cost of ownership for your medical assets.

With complete asset lifecycle tools, healthcare delivery organizations can:

  • Make better buying decisions based on objective data
  • Understand their total cost of ownership at the asset level
  • Identify, quantify and ultimately, reduce the overall costs associated with ownership of the asset(s)
  • Leverage key performance indicators for continuous improvement programs

Medical Equipment Lifecycle Management

Hospitals are spending $93 billion per year on medical equipment lifecycle management but missing out on 12% to 16% of their savings opportunity due to lack of accurate information, internal resources, bandwidth and specialized expertise.

Find out why the Accruent and Attainia partnership to offer the full lifecycle of medical equipment capital planning software is critical for healthcare delivery organizations.


You’ll learn how to:

  • Prioritize, forecast and control capital and replacement expenditures for immediate and long-term budgets
  • Improve patient care through streamlined processes, efficiencies and cost reduction
  • Quickly generate and update accurate equipment budgets
  • Collaborate and centralize processes around capital equipment decisions
  • Reduce expensive change orders and project completion delays


Attainia is the leading industry software solution for medical equipment project planning, routine replacement, budgeting and tracking. Accruent is partnering with Attainia to empower healthcare organizations to reduce their total cost of ownership for medical equipment.


With so much focus on medical capital equipment programs, a healthcare institution must be able to implement and optimize their strategy for equipment standards. The benefits of a comprehensive initiative include:

Leveraging Group Purchasing Organization (GPO), Alliance and Organizational Contracts

Standardization to one supplier can significantly maximize the cost savings opportunity for a hospital. Achieving higher tiers with reduced pricing goes a long way in future negotiations, as consistent commitments likely mean improved pricing during your next contract cycle.

Streamlining Maintenance

By staying true to one brand of capital equipment, you inherently have fewer models to maintain and manage. This is even more beneficial for healthcare organizations that deploy internal service technicians to keep costs down.

Education of Clinical Staff

When you can train personnel on a specific piece of equipment that is used throughout the hospital, the cost of training and ongoing education significantly decreases. This is especially true if a hospital has built a program from the ground up. Standardization is critical for a qualified, competent workforce.

Sharing Between Locations

When capital purchases are standardized across your healthcare system, an unused, expensive ultrasound probe at one location can easily be moved to another site where it is needed. This flexibility gives both personnel and management the security of knowing that high-dollar procedures will not be limited by equipment availability.

Energy Utilization & Efficiency

As much as 18% of hospital energy use is due to medical equipment. By having a standardized portfolio of capital equipment, you can more closely monitor energy costs and strategize ways to reduce downtime.

Planning for Technical Advances

It is essential to consider how innovation can shorten the average lifespan of your capital equipment compared to how long they are expected to last. A standardized capital management strategy accounts for these nuances.

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