With the onslaught of innovations, such as IoT, 5G, EV charging, and renewable energy, it’s not always easy for the telecom and energy industries to keep pace with the impact and changes it has on their business. New technology and infrastructure also drive large project volumes that can be difficult and daunting to manage. Site managers must maintain tight control over these projects as well as the associated assets, budgets, and overall operations. 

Accruent Siterra is a SaaS-based, enterprise-grade site lifecycle management solution that provides managers, owners, and administrators the visibility and agility needed to seamlessly bring projects to completion and extended teams together. Siterra can: 

Siterra Site Lifecycle Management
  • Reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency  
  • Handle high volumes of site, asset, project, and lease artifacts  
  • Maximize stakeholder accountability 
  • Be customized to align with your business’s unique site needs 

Download the brochure to learn more about these benefits and stand-out capabilities, such as: 

  • Bulk operations 
  • Granular permissions & user provisioning 
  • Cascading operations 
  • Workday schedules 
  • Site-based licenses