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vx Suite - Verisae: Intelligent Facility Management Solutions

Integrated facility management solutions power facility, asset, field service, energy and refrigerant management.

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vx Suite - Verisae Products

vx Maintain

Facility management solution manages the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventive maintenance activities, from work order creation and dispatch to invoicing approval and financial system integration.

vx Observe

Energy management IoT remote monitoring software delivers maintenance and energy efficiencies. vx Observe provides alerts and workflow management including alarm triage, predictive analytics and integrated controls.

vx Sustain

Enterprise refrigerant management software manages all events for refrigeration and HVAC systems, including capture of system details, activity records for compliance, certifications, leak alerting and scheduling.

vx Field

End-to-end service delivery solution optimizes field service work performance. vx Field covers intelligent work allocation, resource scheduling and fully integrated parts, inventory and performance management.

Increase Business Value with the Verisae Accruent vx Suite

Reduce maintenance spend with facility solutions for the connected workplace. vx Suite customers typically see:

35% Work Order Reduction

with vx Observe IoT remote monitoring energy management software. The system’s advanced alarm triage normalizes and filters data through a conditions rules engine, resulting in fewer than 1% of raw alarms requiring action. Additionally, the Verisae mobile app allows work orders to be addressed on the go.

10-20% Maintenance Cost Reduction

With vx Maintain facility and asset maintenance management and vx Sustain enterprise refrigerant management solutions. Get information about your facilities and refrigerants at whatever level of detail your company requires.

30% Reduced Admin Time

for invoice review and approval processes with vx Maintain and vx Sustain. The facility and asset solutions streamline invoicing and approval through full online history, automated flagging and electronic routing capabilities via desktop or Verisae app.

95+% SLA Compliance

With vx Field field service management software. By sending the right technicians with the right information to complete the right work at the right time, you meet service level agreements and have more satisfied customers.

vx Suite for Better Facilities

Optimize your facilities and assets while meeting compliance requirements. Here is just a glimpse at what you can do with the vx Suite:

Make data-driven decisions throughout the maintenance lifecycle - Main

Make data-driven decisions throughout the maintenance lifecycle

vx Maintain leverages every piece of maintenance data to the granularity of an individual asset to provide greater visibility throughout the entire maintenance lifecycle – so you can make informed strategic decisions regarding the purchasing or retirement of assets.

Actively track energy spend - Main

Actively track energy spend

vx Observe IoT remote monitoring software gathers energy-related information into a single platform to help you make informed, data-backed decisions. Analyze utility bill and meter data to uncover hidden discrepancies and determine whether bills should be paid or escalated.

Increase field service utilization - Main

Increase field service utilization

With vx Field, you can access schedule, job and map-based views of your service team and daily plan. Automate scheduling and dispatch or handle exceptions with manual intervention. And, use configurable priorities and algorithms to manage your workforce.

Take control of refrigerant costs and compliance - Main

Take control of refrigerant costs and compliance

Understand all your assets that use refrigerant. vx Sustain works with any refrigerant system, HVAC system or system sensor, funneling it all into a single dashboard. Control leakage with vx Sustain to significantly lower maintenance costs and boost your bottom line.


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