Vx Maintain: Facility Management for Complex Environments

Optimize facility performance by leveraging maintenance data at the asset level – so you can better manage work orders, streamline the reconciliation process, improve compliance and make strategic portfolio decisions.

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Comprehensive, Accurate and Current Asset Information

Get information about your facilities and assets at whatever level of detail your company requires.

Make informed repair, replace and retire decisions

Vx Maintain enables asset tracking at each site so you can evaluate the total cost of ownership and improve procurement, budget accuracy, upgrades and service decisions.

Prepare for planned – and unplanned – inspections

Regulation is a part of doing business. With Vx Maintain, all elements of compliance are handled centrally, so paperwork can be dealt with efficiently and made available to inspectors promptly.

Manage contractors across geographies, assets and skills

Accruent vx Maintain empowers you to enforce contracts, streamline processes and ensure the best service for the best possible price, positively impacting your organization’s bottom line.

Streamline work order management

Gain visibility and control over work orders. With Verisae vx Maintain, you can manage work orders at the asset or category level so you always know who is doing what.

Reduce maintenance spend

Better workflows, automated processes, improved vendor accountability, streamlined invoice validation and more lead to more efficient work – and significant maintenance savings.

Manage Facilities at the Asset Level

In a complex environment, you need to manage work and maintenance spend at the asset level to deliver improved performance year after year.


What makes vx Maintain stand out?

Vx Maintain is robust facilities and asset management software for keeping your facility performing optimally.

Robust work order creation

Create work orders based on location – including country, currency and language – through a myriad of tools such as mobile, store dashboard and call center screens.

Granular data insights

Track attributes including model and serial number, asset type and warranty information. Monitor inspection and service dates and review detailed repair history.

Centralized document management

Store paper requests, work orders, relevant certificates and associated documents in a centralized, electronic database that multiple users can seamlessly access.

Comprehensive inspection tools

Prepare for catastrophes with site audits. Manage planned and unplanned inspections by site, city and state regulatory bodies to ensure activities are completed at the required frequency.

Compliance capabilities

Handle a multitude of specific compliance events. Coordinate between multiple departments to ensure remedial action is taken when necessary so you avoid punitive fines.

Technician tracking

Track technician time and attendance. Provide visibility into dispatch status and maintenance spend at the site level – from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Contractor management

Manage contractors across different locations and equipment types. Enable contractors to track time, billing and rates accurately. Allow for quick responses to quotes and invoicing.

Centralized document management

Store paper requests, work orders, relevant certificates and associated documents in a centralized, electronic database that can be seamless accessed by multiple users.

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