vx Observe: Energy Management & IoT Remote Monitoring

Keeping facilities and assets operating at full capacity is critical to meeting your company’s performance objectives. Improve equipment performance and streamline maintenance with vx Observe.

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Predict Failures Before They Occur

Integrate with your work order management systems and automate ticket generation for more predictive operations over time

Reduce Operational Costs

Advanced features like alarm filtering and automations lower downtime and maintenance costs

Gain Visibility Into Energy Usage

Analyze utility bills and meter data to understand energy usage, lower costs, and operate more sustainably

Operate Remotely

Use IoT remote monitoring to work efficiently from any location and extend asset life

Vx Observe

Explore our IoT remote monitoring software and learn how to connect your buildings and assets, monitor conditions in real-time, predict failures, and ultimately reduce operational costs.

What makes vx Observe stand out?

vx Observe has been at the forefront of groundbreaking innovation in the field of remote monitoring.

CMMS integrations

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your CMMS to improve problem reporting, generate automated notifications and automatically open work orders.

Mobile-optimized dashboards

All insights are provided on a single dashboard based on all utility use. Generate dashboard alerts, allowing immediate action on consumption issues.

Comprehensive automations

vx Observe’s automations integrate bills, energy meters and high energy consuming assets, utilizing sources such as maintenance history and weather data.

Alarm filtering

Requiring managers to guess which alarms are critical is risky. vx Observe analyzes alarms in context and initiates action on only those that require maintenance.

Predictive maintenance tools

You can initiate actions when failure risk meets a specified threshold, enabling asset owners to update and improve rule parameters without expensive consultants.

Customized workflows

vx observe can integrate with nearly all work order management systems. Generate automated notifications to site managers or automatically open CMMS work tickets.