vx Observe: Energy Management & IoT Remote Monitoring

Keeping facilities and assets operating at full capacity is critical to meeting your company’s performance objectives. Improve equipment performance and streamline maintenance with vx Observe.

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Vx Observe

Explore our IoT remote monitoring software and learn how to connect your buildings and assets, monitor conditions in real-time, predict failures, and ultimately reduce operational costs.

Get Predictive Insights from Equipment Data with vx Observe

Monitor your mission-critical equipment, all in one consolidated system.


Eliminate equipment downtime

Stamp out unplanned downtime. With vx Observe IoT-enabled monitoring, you pinpoint the moment an asset begins to fail – so you can catch and fix failures before they happen.


Gain deep visibility into energy usage

What locations use the most energy? Which equipment consumes significant energy? vx Observe helps identify and correct high energy use – before the bill arrives.


Streamline equipment maintenance

vx Observe IoT remote monitoring software lets you filter out nuisance alarms, monitor performance patterns, detect anomalies, and predict critical failures before they occur.


Reduce maintenance budgets

Replace equipment only when needed rather than at arbitrary, predetermined times. By avoiding unnecessary service, you decrease your repair and maintenance spend.


Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Accruent vx Observe offers the ability to provide set point changes at an enterprise level, delivering energy savings and helping organizations reduce their greenhouse gases emissions.


vx Observe Energy Management for Extended Equipment Life

Prolong asset and equipment life with IoT remote monitoring, alarm filtering and predictive maintenance.