Total Retail, October 11, 2019     

By Robert Abdul, senior retail vice president, Accruent   

There are a lot of factors retailers must consider when investing their capital. Capex budgets need to cover store refreshes, openings, closings, and brand updates to keep pace with customers' expectations. With so much to keep in mind, you need to be sure you've got a sound strategy in place to make intelligent decisions. But when was the last time you took a hard look to ensure your strategy still best serves your needs?

In the article 5 Steps to Optimizing Capital Across a Retail Chain, you’ll learn when it makes sense to take your strategy in a new direction. Examples include:

  • A new executive comes onto the scene
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Consolidations
  • In the aftermath of a disaster
  • Brand updates

You'll also benefit from five additional insights to ensure a reliable and consistent process and to align your facilities' capital plans between brand, store operations, facilities, real estate, and internal stakeholders.