Tech Nation, October 1, 2018      

By Tommy Lee, senior director of product strategy, Accruent    

The Internet of healthcare things (IoHT) has taken the medical device ecosystem by storm, but the rapid increase of interconnected devices poses clear security risks. As a result, customers are paying large sums to security providers to add a protection layer and gather data, but is that enough? 

In the article Biomed 101: Cybersecurity Tips for HTM you’ll glean insights from Accruent’s Senior Director of Product Strategy, Tommy Lee. He’ll answer frequently asked questions from the HTM industry, such as:

  • Is the Manufacturers Disclosure Statement of Medical Device Security (MDS2) enough?
  • What is everyone else doing to secure their medical devices within their CMMS?
  • Should I be budgeting for a cybersecurity analyst?

He will then offer three ways to increase HTM security through the CMMS, so you can better prepare and protect your healthcare organization from cybersecurity threats and breaches.