Published: Jun 05 2019

Getting the Most Out of Unused Medical Equipment

24X7mag, May 2019

By Alan Gresch

Many healthcare organizations don’t have an effective process for managing equipment dispositions. Revenue is lost, and needless expenses are incurred when departments make individual decisions about the sale or reallocation of valuable assets. When equipment is traded in as part of a capital acquisition, it is usually for mere pennies on the dollar.

And then there are the shelves full of unused devices in storage, where their undepreciated value is going to waste. In most of these instances, because the accounting department lacks visibility, the assets remain on the books for years. Additionally, when accountability and ownership are missing from the disposition process, time is wasted searching for devices when planned maintenance is due. To make matters worse, equipment can get transferred outside the organization with protected patient health information still stored on it.

So, what’s the solution? Create comprehensive plans based around a centralized model, which will provide savings and revenue.

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