Healthcare Business News, February 14, 2020      

By Alan Gresch, vice president of healthcare customer success, Accruent    

A penny saved is a penny earned, and perhaps nowhere is this more true than in healthcare. With expense rates growing faster than revenue, hospitals must focus on cost savings.  

In the article, Get More Value From Your Medical Equipment Budget, you will hear from Al Gresch, VP of healthcare customer success at Accruent. He will share his expertise to move your HTM organization from basic preventive maintenance/break-fix operations to a proactive, best-in-class program. His recommendations will help you improve efficiency, save costs, enhance compliance, and improve patient care. Actionable takeaways include how to:

  • Establish structural data integrity
  • Centralize and standardize policies and procedures
  • Manage parts and supplies inventories
  • Track and rationalize third-party services
  • Measure what matters
  • Plan capital replacement based on solid data