Smart devices have changed the way we find news, read books and even watch television. Beyond that, mobile solutions continues to evolve the way that we do business – and it's no different for biomedical/clinical engineers.

Leveraging mobile devices in the workplace helps improve technician productivity and drives operational efficiency. Technicians are able to constantly stay updated while on the go, and have the ability to update work orders regularly instead of having to report back to a computer station to punch in their updates.

Beyond that, these five reasons showcase why using a mobile solution with your healthcare CMMS solution can make a world of difference for your organization.

Accruent - Blog Post - 5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare CMMS Needs to Be Mobile

Increase data collection and accuracy

Using a mobile solution, technicians can gather and input data as they collect it in the field. As a result, you have a more accurate view of current issues, as well as insight into the work orders and preventive maintenance requests that they have completed.

Minimize data entry errors

Mobile applications like TMS Sidekick features easy drop-down navigation menus and clear insight into what data will be collected. As a result, technicians can easily input their data and responses in real-time, helping to minimize data entry errors and streamline data entry.

Improve access to work order requests and related information

While out in the field, it can be difficult – if not impossible – for technicians to get a handle on the work that they have in front of them for the day. Instead, they have to head back to a central office to get an idea of what they should tackle next. Using a mobile application, they can easily access incoming work order requests and access key procedures and tasks.

Increase quality of work

Instead of spending time getting their next set of work order requests, your technicians can spend more time out in the field – ensuring that they can dedicate the time that they need to ensure proper maintenance and safe operation of every medical device in the hospital.

Understand your resource use as technicians work

You can leverage key reports within your CMMS to understand how you are using resources across the organization. In addition to understanding technician workloading, leveraging mobile applications in your organization can help you see related costs and materials associated with work orders.

Ready to improve operational efficiency in your biomed/clinical engineering department? Read our brochure to learn about TMS and its mobile solutions, including how it can drive productivity for your business.