Facility maintenance requests and lease details can often be unclear. When you have hundreds or even thousands of locations, you need immediate access to the most up-to-date lease terms paired with your facilities information.

Organizations without insight into maintenance responsibilities can spend tens of thousands of dollars per year on work orders that should have been the responsibility of the landlord.

The integration of our top retail Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) with our market-leading lease administration and accounting solution helps retailers take full advantage of their agreements to identify party responsibility, make the repairs, and avoid overspending on repairs.

Through four key areas, our integrated solutions provide visibility into the details of leases and maintenance requests.

1. Contract Responsibilities
Whose job is it to repair this broken HVAC? Are you responsible for repairing HVAC units for your space? Sharing contract responsibilities from our contracts module to our CMMS avoids unnecessary maintenance costs on work orders that are the responsibility of the landlord, which can be a significant cost-savings for you.

2. Location and Asset Sync
Tracking all your equipment data between departments can be difficult. Accounting and Facilities have separate views into your assets, which can be challenging. Track all your equipment data, including lease terms, location data, and a comprehensive repair history, in both systems at the same time.

3. Capital Project Information Available to the Facilities Team
Eliminate silos between maintenance and project teams by having project information available for your maintenance teams. Then, you can avoid making large repairs in the wrong budget or at locations that could be moving.

4. Drill-Through Capabilities Across Platforms
With clear insight into a project, users can pivot easily from our CMMS to our lease administration and accounting platform to see details about lease responsibilities, general lease information, and capital project summaries, ensuring nothing is overlooked when performing maintenance tasks.

Without access to the most up-to-date lease details, you can overload your facilities management team with work that is not their responsibility, resulting in decreased efficiency and increased costs. You can save time and avoid these costly mistakes by managing your facilities and leases together with Accruent’s integrated solutions.

Get complete control of your facilities with the connection between our best-in-class solutions. To learn more, contact Accruent today.