Increasingly, we see our customers seeking better ways to include more of their internal and external stakeholders in the sharing and managing of their engineering asset management information.

There’s a need to connect globally to stakeholders who may have dispersed project teams who must access and leverage the latest engineering asset information.

As a result, many customers are extending the value of their engineering asset management documentation software by including broader stakeholder access.

Connect your teams.

With the inclusion of broader stakeholder access, the number of internal community members required to access and review engineering asset management documentation increases. Teams that may need access go beyond your typical head engineers. Now, the internal community includes maintenance, operations, purchasing and on-site contractors worldwide. When those stakeholders cannot find the most current version of the engineering asset management information quickly, the information lag can waste time, increase the risk of errors, and decrease productivity.

For effective information sharing, especially when your team is geographically dispersed, you need a solution that offers user-friendly search and retrieve capabilities, and allows users to add comments to an asset from anywhere in the world. Accruent’s Meridian Portal offers effective information sharing and provides global owner-operators and engineer contractors the opportunity to share technical asset information in an efficient, timely and user-friendly way.

Share on a global level.

By sharing information on a global level, organizations need to be able to share asset information in a secure manner. Also, organizations must take security and workflow into consideration if they are sharing information with external partners, vendors and suppliers – all of which may require access to engineering asset information just like the internal team.
Accruent’s Meridian Portal allows global owner-operators to collaborate and exchange documents with an external project team securely. Providing a secure, cloud-based solution to collaborate with contractors and external stakeholders, Accruent’s Meridian Portal allows the correct level of access, without providing direct access to internal master data and workflows. Users not only see an increase in efficiency by eliminating lead-times due to paper-based or offline communication processes, but also increased efficiency in document control and project management.

Share On-the-Go.

Having global access, for an increasingly large team that needs to review and approve documents at any given time may arise from time to time. Organizations are continually looking for a solution that provides access to their information anytime, anywhere.

Accruent’s mobile solution provides access to your information, tasks and to-do lists via phone or tablet. Using single sign-on, stakeholders are able to find information quickly by scanning barcodes or QR codes on assets; allowing for swift action on tasks and project expectations.

Extend the value.

Engineering Asset Management Documentation provides the critical foundation of every business Accruent serves. To ensure we are providing the best solutions for our customers, we had to understand and evaluate the complex needs of owner-operators. Accruent asset information customers want broader and more collaborative access for teams and better security, anytime and anywhere. It may seem like a tall order, but a simple engineering asset management documentation solution doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may seem.

Accruent’s solution allows our customers to unlock the power of their asset information and improve their operational efficiency and profitability.

Get the Expertise

Accruent is dedicated to developing and enriching robust engineering asset management software products, while introducing new and powerful capabilities to support the ever-changing, mission-critical processes of our customers. Engineering information is complex. The software needed to help your organization stay informed, compliant and in control of your asset information doesn’t have to be.

Now is the time to reach a broader range of stakeholders, maximize your software investments to extend the value. Schedule a demo today!