Discover how MC Express from Accruent can transform your equipment inventory management processes. Read about the many benefits of this industry-leading equipment inventory management software.

How can equipment inventory management software streamline your inventory management processes? In this short video, we’ll answer this question, as well as explain how an EMS solution can help organizations to:

  • Reduce communication gaps between maintenance teams and other departments
  • Eliminate inefficient, paper-based systems and mismanaged inventory
  • Maximize technician team efficiency
  • Decrease inventory costs and asset downtime
  • Reduce inconsistent or delayed data collection

We will also highlight key features of Accruent’s industry-leading equipment inventory management software, Maintenance Connection Express, including:  

  • Full visibility into part availability
  • See which assets utilize specific parts
  • Full part usage history
  • Automated reordering and QR and barcode scanning capabilities
  • Additional tools to help manage the entire inventory lifecycle

Watch the video now to learn more. You can also delve deeper into the subject by reading our Knowledge Hub article. 

To learn more about Accruent’s industry-leading CMMS, Maintenance Connection, visit the product page.