By Tim McLean

Facilities management teams can play a strategic role in corporate success.

Accruent offers its third of seven tips to helping Facilities Management teams save time, costs and energy to become a strategic contributor: Automate the Work Order Process.

Automate the work order process.

Many organizations today are still paper-bound in their maintenance process. They have printed work orders, manual timecards for posting labor and workers that have to take frequent trips to job sites and back to research information or pick up new jobs. The process is not eco-friendly—it is slow, inefficient and costly.

Cloud access from anywhere in the field has instantaneous advantages. With a facilities management system, you can automatically dispatch jobs from your customer self-service portal. Workers can manage their workload directly from the job site, which means more jobs closed in an 8-hour day and higher customer satisfaction.

With work orders processed through an automated system, technicians can research past repairs in the field and make faster repairs, or even research repair/replace opportunities. Workers can enter their hours directly into the system using appropriate, pre-configured billing and payroll codes, which cuts down on paper usage and allows managers to quickly review and validate hours. Additionally, if you link time entry to payroll, you can even ensure the timeliness of labor entry.

Additional opportunities for facilities management teams.

Automating the work order process is just one way facility maintenance management teams can play a strategic role in their company. Read previous blog posts to learn about our first two tips in the series: Move to the Cloud and Embrace Customer Self-Service. Stay tuned as well for posts on the next 4 tips to becoming a strategic contributor.

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