In May of 2021, the Meridian Asset Management Connector received a SAP Integration Certification. The certification confirms Meridian’s technical compliance with SAP certification procedures. It also further establishes Meridian engineering document management system as a leading software solution that can help users streamline digital transformation, maximize resiliency and drive profitability for users around the world.  


The Details: SAP Integration Certification  

According to the SAP Integration Certifications, certified functions of the Meridian Asset Management Connector include the ability to:  

  • Perform bulk import for FLand EQ with filtering applied.
  • Perform incremental import for both FLand EQ with filtering applied.
  • Check some error cases.


The Bigger Picture: Why SAP Matters  

Over 91% of Forbes Global 2000 are SAP customers and 200 million users leverage SAP solutions in 180 countries around the world. They trust SAP because the organization only chooses solutions and partners that offer:  

  • Rock-solid data security to ensure that customers’ privacy is always protected.  
  • Customer-first cloud-based solutions that make it easy to integrate and scale operations.  
  • Truly integrated solutions that make it easy to create a modern, intelligent business environment.  

In the bigger picture, this empowers SAP customers to effectively automate tasks, connect with customers and accomplish more with fewer resources. Accruent is proud that Meridian electronic document management system (EDMS) is one of those solutions.  

Learn more about how Meridian can help organizations centralize documentation, replace outdated systems, simplify document version control and create a single source of truth for mission-critical documentation here.