While some healthcare systems may be effective at locating assets in real time, there is even greater value in a Real-Time Location System (RTLS) being part of a total system-wide solution.

RTLS systems have been used in healthcare for over 25 years in both clinical and non-clinical operations. However, often the RTLS solution is disconnected from or marginally integrated with a hospital’s foundational CMMS/Healthcare Technology Management solution.

Advanced framework.

With numerous RTLS solutions and vendors in the field, Accruent has developed a revolutionary RTLS integration framework for use with Connectiv. This integration framework, in the form of a bidirectional web service, allows a “plug and play” approach to integrating various RTLS systems, and affords users benefits that were historically impossible or difficult to realize.

The integration framework between Connectiv and industry-standard RTLS provides a significant new resource for healthcare systems. With a centralized, single-source connecting medical facility and equipment data from the RTLS to Connectiv, your healthcare system can increase the productivity of technicians, as well as the efficiency of patient care.

The new integration framework enables the automated bidirectional flow of data including badge number, badge type, location, and extended data for mobile equipment - from arthroscopic instruments to portable X-ray machines - while offering the capability to create, update, associate, and disassociate badges within Connectiv. This approach centralizes all interactions within one system, eliminating the need for facility and security managers to manually switch between their Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) and RTLS solution.

Enabling users.

Overall, the integration framework allows for Connectiv and RTLS systems to work together seamlessly so that employees can focus on what they do best.

The framework enables:

  • Users to delineate RTLS badges easily by asset category and make-model with data from Connectiv that they use on a daily basis, rather than dealing with categorization in the RTLS solution that may be unfamiliar.
  • Administrators to keep their data clean and organized by easily propagating badge type data through the asset management hierarchy (i.e., category --> model --> asset).
  • Technicians to create, update, and delete badges on assets all within Connectiv without needing to “swivel chair” between multiple systems.

Accruent’s new Connectiv RTLS integration framework significantly reduces the time needed to integrate RTLS systems and improves the user experience. Our customers are assured that patients get treatment quicker and staff members can find assets when and where they need them.

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