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Published: Feb 05 2020

Accruent Managed Services

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Deliver business innovation in application management.

AMS - Accruent’s Managed Services is a cost-effective solution that provides business innovation in application management, that leads to continuous improvement and increase business results.

Continuous Improvement

Keep your environment compliant with business change.

Maintenance of Customizations

Supports customizations and specific solutions created for your business process.

Proactive Monitoring

Discovering and fixing problems to ensure robust performance of your application.

Innovative and value driven application management.

Accruent Managed Services ensures value-driven application management for your Engineering Document Management Software System (EDMS).

When you choose to benefit from AMS, you guarantee the use of best practices for the EDMS operation, which brings you the best return on investment and leaves you free to fully concentrate all your energy on your strategic initiatives.

Save costs and increase quality at the same time to ensure that you come out on top now and in the future. Managed Services provides support for customizations, continuity and risk mitigation through application management and shared objectives on EDMS strategy.

AMS is a subscription-based service with different levels to fit your needs. Accruent provides access to experienced and certified specialists. A Service Manager will organize regular interactions and meetings to define priorities, deliveries review and consents.

diagram of the managed services cycle

Stay up to date with product releases.

  • Continual application updates.
  • Create a product update road map.
  • Ensure you have access to the latest product features.

Customization support.

  • Support for environment specific configuration.
  • Support for customized features and personalized configuration – scripts and API deployed or approved by Accruent.

Configuration management.

  • Environment documentation library.
  • Meridian environment replication for development, troubleshooting and issue resolution.

Continued enhancements.

  • Configuration change request and improvements.
  • Deploy best practices across your organization.

Monitoring & reporting.

  • Identify, monitor and report KPI’s from Meridian application and environment.
  • Advance notice for updates, services packs and hotfixes.
Gold Platinum Diamond
Staffing Consult at 8hrs/wk, Service Manager Consult at 20hrs/wk, Service Manager Consult at 40hrs/wk, Service Manager
Environment Replication 1 Server + SQL Server 2 Servers + SQL Server 2 Servers + SQL Server
Onsite Visit - Consultant and SM for 1 week Consultant and SM for 1 week
Business Review Meetings 3x per year Quarterly Quarterly
Meridian Upgrade Pending pre-scan assessment Pending pre-scan assessment Pending pre-scan assessment
Training Additional training is available; reference catalog & pricing Additional training is available; reference catalog & pricing Additional training is available; reference catalog & pricing

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