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Published: May 09 2017

Accruent for Retail

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Stay competitive in the retail marketplace.

Retail is a growing trend for brands in all markets, both mature and emerging. Successful brands understand that they need to establish and commit to critical direct relationships with their customers. In addition, retailers must continue to find efficiencies in opening stores faster to increase revenue weeks, maintain efficient operations, and identify underperforming stores to stay competitive in the marketplace.

In order to increase profits and win wallet share in this competitive space, retailers need to have strong growth plans, manage their capital well and have confidence that the data they receive is accurate and actionable to enable business decisions to be made with confidence.

Retailers continuously optimize store portfolios. To do this they need real time access to their data to select high quality sites, tightly manage projects and provide transparency between parties to open sites faster and increase revenue weeks. Our lease administration and accounting solution provides visibility into lease details for both real estate and equipment in a single, multi-current, multi-lingual solution while maintaining FASB/IASB compliance, optimizing workflow and getting the most out of lease terms and conditions.

While e-commerce has risen in popularity, 94% of sales are still made in brick-and-mortar stores.


Retailers are constantly trying to accomplish more while using fewer resources. They have to manage disparate equipment, facilities budgets, and maintenance schedules. With Accruent’s maintenance and facilities solutions we help retailers execute their maintenance schedules while remaining on budget to keep their employees focused on their customers and stay true to their brand promise. Accruent enables retailers to take control of their physical assets. Our platform provides solutions that shape, drive, manage and control retail physical assets from real estate to equipment leases and maintenance.

Shape and drive real estate and asset plans.

  • Negotiate the best terms and conditions across all your real estate and equipment leased assets.
  • Create process efficiencies with consistency of workflow and processes, customized for the way your business operates, across your entire portfolio and operations.
  • Enable decision making to increase the overall health of your business with actionable reporting.
  • Select the perfect site and open new locations faster to increase revenue weeks.
  • Operate more efficiently by identifying and reducing exposure to underperforming assets.

Manage and control capital and assets.

  • Achieve regulatory FASB/IASB compliance to attract the right investors by creating transparency on the balance sheet.
  • Manage and enforce contract and lease agreements so you never miss an opportunity to maximize your investments.
  • Reduce the risk of substantial EPA 608 fines which can exceed 37,000 dollars per day, per non-compliant system with enterprise refrigerant management.
  • Scale back service costs by filtering your equipment alarms and eliminating alarm noise.
  • Save money by managing your work orders and vendors effectively.
  • Maximize your investment in your equipment by tracking asset-level data to make efficient repair/ replace decisions.
  • Reduce the cost of critical asset downtime with remote monitoring.

After evaluating our operational requirements, we realized that we needed more than just a replacement for our legacy lease administration system. We needed an integrated approach to managing our real estate. A solution that will allow us to manage the entire store lifecycle in one database and on one platform. A solution that will provide value to our entire organization, from the executives to the lease administrators, real estate accountants, and the franchise management team.


infographic describing the retail lifecycle platform

Market planning and site selection.

Leverage real-time actionable insights to compress site selection cycle times, identify and select new locations, and build faster. Reduce overall costs by automating data collection, negotiation and evaluation to drive growth and manage capital. Increase revenue weeks.

Project management & capital project management.

Manage your new location construction, openings and capital improvement process effortlessly and ensure controls are in place to deliver your brand promise consistently, on time and within budget across locations.

Lease administration & accounting for real estate & equipment.

Manage and administer real estate and equipment leases in a single FASB/ IASB compliant solution to enable tracking of capital and compliance reporting to increase transparent shareholder communication.

Facility maintenance and asset management.

Gain visibility and control over the full workflow related to reactive and planned preventative maintenance, from work order creation and dispatch to completion, invoicing, approval and financial system integration. Our facility management solution gives you enterprise-wide visibility and control over assets, facilities and contractors, including managing compliance and related documentation.

Internet of things.

Remote monitoring helps businesses automate collection and analysis of asset performance data, distinguish between critical and non-critical alarms, and predict asset failure. The solution provides visibility into your operations and drives long-term improvements and ROI in your asset lifecycle.

Very early on we began seeing that vx Observe system created fewer false alarms, found more real issues with inefficient equipment, and identified issues faster than their predecessor.


Display of software features on mobile and desktop

Supported Over Multiple Devices: Manage your Real Estate and Equipment in one system on your desktop or mobile device

Our solutions are delivered on a cloud-based, single database platform to eliminate expensive and time-consuming software upgrades.

Our multi-currency, multi-lingual solutions support global portfolios and easily integrate with leading ERP solutions.

The software is configurable to work the way you do business and to help you maintain FASB/IASB compliance and SOC1 and SOC2 certifications.

Implementation, integration and training.

With a 100% implementation success rate, our proven implementation process will have you up and running in no time without disrupting your business.

Our solutions easily integrate with leading ERPs for seamless operations and reporting.

And software is only as good as the people who use it. We offer extensive online and classroom training to get your staff up to speed and using the platform quickly.

Best in class retail solutions.

Accruent prides itself on providing ongoing value to its customers and supporting their business objectives. We continue to bring together best in class solutions like Lucernex and Verisae into a single retail platform to better serve our customers. From lease administration to project management and maintenance management, you can be confident knowing that you have the best solutions to accomplish your business goals and execute on your mission statements.

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