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Published: Mar 17 2021

Attainia Medical Equipment Planning Solution

Improve Medical Equipment Planning Processes At Every Stage of the Capital Equipment Lifecycle

Accruent has partnered with Attainia to empower healthcare organizations to make informed and accurate capital asset decisions. With more than 1,000 member hospitals, Attainia is the leading industry software solution for medical equipment planning, budgeting and tracking.

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Medical Equipment Project Planning

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Routine Replacement Capital

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Predictive Analytics and Custom Reporting

Aggregating Hospital Supply Chain Data

Attainia offers three software modules: Plan, Budget and Predict. Each module works together to allow organizations to research and specify medical equipment, ensure standardization and aggregate purchases across all new and routine medical equipment purchases.

Attainia Plan Makes Medical Equipment Planning Easy

  • Attainia manages the planning process for furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) for medical new-build, renovation and expansion projects.
  • Attainia offers the industry’s only comprehensive medical equipment catalog that contains more than 62,000 SKUs.
  • Attainia provides easy-to-configure equipment, room and department templates.
  • Attainia delivers the ultimate project collaboration platform, fully accessible by planners, providers, clinicians, consultants, engineers and architects.

"Attainia helps [us] build a project, keep track of what we need, what decisions were made...for every decision made, there is a piece of equipment that needs to be ordered.” - STANFORD HEALTH CARE

Budget Routine Replacement

  • Attainia gives users across multiple departments and facilities the ability to submit standardized requests and navigate approval processes.
  • Attainia aggregates requests from all departments providing volume discount leverage with suppliers which helps contain and control costs.

Equipment Analytics

  • Attainia provides visibility for decision makers into all planned capital equipment for new construction, renovation, expansion, and annual replacement requests.
  • Attainia provides insight to evaluate and determine contract compliance.
  • Attainia allows users to leverage all equipment requests from routine replacement, new build, renovation, and expansion projects to maximize volume discounts with suppliers and GPOs.
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