Ensure Access to Accurate and Up-to-Date Engineering Information Every Time


Ensure Access to Accurate and Up-to-Date Engineering Information Every Time

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Meridian seamlessly connects all internal and external stakeholders throughout the asset lifecycle.

Accruent’s engineering document management solution, Meridian, establishes a centralized, secure, scalable, highly accessible repository for all engineering documentation. Providing over 30 years of expertise, we help healthcare organizations run their facilities efficiently, safely, sustainably and profitably. Our solution enable compliance with The Joint Commission and DNVGL regulations.

  • Manage the exchange of engineering documentation with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Establish control of engineering data changes via configurable workflows.
  • Tie documents to asset tags so that users can easily locate asset information.

Manage all mission-critical document types.

Meridian offers a full CAD-platform independent solution for engineering drawing management where users can easily store, manage, render and visualize both 2D and 3D content from major CAD systems. Organizations keep their master data up-to-date while organizing their change processes in isolated work areas with workflows and data validation while providing a full audit trail for regulatory compliance. Users can also manage Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, scanned images, and hybrid files, allowing Meridian to be the ultimate repository for consolidating all legacy and project related engineering information.

Maintain engineering data integrity.

  • Shorten project turnaround time through concurrent engineering.
  • Navigate and maintain the relationship between documents, CAD models and assets.
  • Maintain quality, accuracy, and completeness of data and metadata by working in a unified system.

Reduce the cost of handover.

  • Ensure users have access to complete, up-to-date documentation related to work orders.
  • Manage exchange of engineering documentation with external contractors.
  • Identify and fix data inconsistencies before they can become an issue.

Ensure effective control and change management.

  • Preserve established control of engineering data changes.
  • Keep master data up-to date while organizing change processes in dedicated project areas.
  • Provide highly configurable workflows based on organization’s needs.

Break down information silos between disparate departments.

  • Create a single source of truth for all engineering information.
  • Enhance efficiency by providing integrations to EAM/CMMS, ERP, ECM, Office, and CAD applications.
  • Maintenance teams can automatically transition to engineering department annotations and photos for revisions.

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Reducing Errors with Streamlined Data Handover between Engineering and Maintenance

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