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Published: Dec 22 2020

Increase Productivity with Meridian Cloud API

Meridian Cloud API Enables Seamless Integration Of Meridian

Accruent’s Meridian Cloud Application Programing Interface (API) enables you to integrate with other applications by accessing, inserting and extracting data managed by Meridian Cloud, Accruent’s engineering document management solution.

Drastically increase productivity and reduce the amount of rekeying data across multiple systems. And ensure a single source of truth for asset information and documents.

Break Down Silos with the Meridian Cloud API

System integration is becoming more critical as advances in automation allow for simplified processes and easier management. With the Meridian Cloud API, you can integrate your Engineer Document Management system with your enterprise asset management software (EAM) system to streamline your workflows, reduce cost and ensure efficiency across teams. You can rest assured your asset documentation will be kept up to date and easily accessible.

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Break down information silos

Accruent - Brochure - Meridian Icon

Establish a single source of truth for assets and related documentation.

Accruent - Brochure - Meridian Icon

Reduce rekeying of information in multiple systems.

Asset Synchronization

  • Create and update asset information in Meridian Cloud directly from your EAM or FMS platform.
  • Reduce rekeying and duplicative processes.
  • Maintain quality, accuracy and completeness of data and metadata by working in a unified system.

Quick Access to Engineering Documentation

  • Create a single source of truth for all engineering information.
  • Increase efficiency by easily finding the documents you need.

Create Asset / Document Relationships

  • Seamlessly link your critical assets to related documents managed by Meridian.
  • Link multiple documents to your assets for a many-to-many relationship.

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