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Synchronize EMS and Microsoft Exchange platforms to facilitate easy application and integration.

EMS Software is an enterprise-class resource and space management solution to power dynamic work and learning environments. The EMS platform integrates with both hardware and software infrastructures to provide the visibility, control and insight needed to increase productivity, reduce costs, attract and retain people, and differentiate enterprise brands.

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Exchange Room Integration integrates EMS rooms and resources with Microsoft Exchange—extending the power of EMS to users working in Outlook. Exchange Room Integration also integrates with third-party in-room technologies. This enables self-service video conferencing and empowers users to work in familiar calendar tools, all while capturing robust utilization data from every access point. With this integration, employees can continue to follow existing processes and work natively within a familiar calendar application or program

Exchange room integration allows users to:

  • Map EMS rooms to Microsoft Exchange resource calendars and tie multiple calendars to a single room.
  • Assign mobile hardware devices to Exchange resource calendars.
  • Synchronize all EMS access points.
  • Use third-party technologies for modifications.
  • Boost utilization of video conference equipment

Follow existing procedures In Microsoft Outlook:

  • Request and book video conference meetings.
  • Add services in EMS Desktop Client upon request.
  • Utilize other Exchange-enabled clients for bookings.
  • Create and modify bookings through Outlook.
  • Capture utilization and usage data in EMS for native Outlook bookings.

To ensure consistency in bookings, Microsoft Exchange is fully integrated in the EMS platform. Enabling video conferencing or other in-room technologies can be accomplished through any access point—users do not need to change tools to engage with technology integrated through Exchange. Additionally, any third-party technology that utilizes Microsoft Exchange calendars can integrate with EMS bookings.

Operate EMS for Microsoft Exchange in three ways:

  1. From EMS to Exchange: When a room or resource is booked in an EMS component, the corresponding resource mailbox is automatically invited in Exchange. This supports one-click use of in-room technology such as video conferencing, digital room signs, etc.
  2. From Exchange to EMS: When a room is invited from Outlook Web, Outlook Mac, or the Outlook App, a reservation/ booking is created in EMS for the corresponding room.
  3. Bi-directional Synchronization: Users can make bookings in either EMS or native Outlook.

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