Healthcare CMMS & Asset Management: EOC Compliance


Healthcare CMMS & Asset Management: EOC Compliance

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The Joint Commission EOC compliance package for TMS.

Automation, dashboards, & reports to better track & increase EOC compliance developed based on best practices gleaned from thousands of healthcare organizations.

The Joint Commission published recommendations for collecting information to monitor conditions in the environment. Changes to The Joint Commission accreditation processes in 2017 provide more guidelines on how organizations manage and document PM activities on equipment in their Environment of Care. EC.02.04.01 EP4, EC.02.04.03 EP2, EC.02.04.03 EP3 provide more guidance on expectations of completion rates, how grace periods affect completion rates, and how equipment that is in use or unable to be located affect an organizations completion rate.

We’ve made compliance easy with pre-built TMS tools including Procedures, Sub Procedures, Forms, Schedules (Inspections), and Reporting to ensure compliance with these applicable rules.

The Joint Commission PM compliance made easy in TMS.

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  • Additional EOC fields.
  • Procedures & sub procedures (forms).
  • Process logic & automation.
  • Reports.
  • Dashboards.
  • Package Implementation.
  • Training on what’s new.


New Fields
Has Been Processed New field ensures “Deficiencies” are processed only once, preventing duplicated corrective work orders. It also allows to identify those records that have not been processed.
What WOs Were Created New field that will keep a listing of all generated deficiency/corrective work orders on the originating work order for visibility, search ability, and tracking.
Procedures & Sub Procedures (Forms)
Procedures Adds 17 Procedures (check lists), grouped and based on TJC publications Environmental Rounds Tour Form & Questionnaire Sample (dtd12/15/2010).
Sub Procedures Adds 216 Sub Procedures (check items), grouped and based TJC publications Environmental Rounds Tour Form & Questionnaire Sample (dtd12/15/2010).
Choices Includes three (3) choices for each check item (“Compliant”, “Non-Compliant”, “N/A”).
Reports & Dashboards
EOC Planned Event (PE) Detail Report New PE Detail report to give documentation on what is being inspected, where, & when. Update format to clearly list the items to be inspected.
EOC Work Order (WO) Detail Report New WO Detail report that provides results documentation of inspections, by whom, results, where, & when. Clearly identifies what was checked, missed, compliant, and analytics per event.
Open EOC Inspection Listing Report lists PE (inspection) WOs having the EOC Procedure(s) attached.
EOC Inspections Scheduled Next Month Report lists of PEs (inspections) scheduled in the next calendar month having the EOC Procedure(s) attached.
EOC Review Reports a summary of EOC rounds with deficiencies and what percentage of those deficiencies are completed.
PM % Completion w/ TJC Compliance Analytics Report (Date Range) Provides graphs and details for a prompted date range of PM activity
Compliance Percentage Report provides analytics of scheduled checks compared to compliant checks passed.
Process Logic & Automation
“Non-Compliant” Check Item Automation will create individual CM-type work order(s) for each sub procedure marked as a Not Compliant (failure).
PE/CM Work Order Connection The generated CM work order(s) automatically references the PE work order, and the PE work order will list all generated CM workorders.
New DEF Sub Status Code The PE work order must be completed (CMPLT) with the Deficiency Noted (DEF) sub status in order to generate the CM work order(s).
Remote Implementation
Custom Fields Creates supporting custom fields.
Create Procedures, Sub Procedures & Forms Created the Procedures, Sub Procedures,and modifying respective Work Order forms.
Import Reports Adds the included Custom report(s) and datasource(s) to your TMS system.
Create Dashboard Adds a new dashboard or anew data sources to an existing one.
Match Procedures Matches sub procedures to procedures.
Match Inspection Record Matches procedures to inspection record.
Add Automation Adds the new Process Logic & Automation for “Non-Compliant” Check Item processing.
Training Remote training session on how to use the new tool (One remote session for up to 5 attendees).

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