With a truly connected workplace, you can automate time-consuming manual tasks, streamline workflows, simplify multi-site and multi-device communication, and mitigate cybersecurity risks threatening your healthcare organization. And that’s just scratching the surface.

  • Connect your important tools and data for improved collaboration and efficiency  
  • Simplify system complexities that lead to security gaps and system vulnerabilities  
  • Support a hybrid work model and flexibility in the workplace  
  • Integrate all your mission-critical devices and tools for a 360-degree view and actionable insight  

The Connected Workplace is the Future  

Modern healthcare organizations are complicated – and more vulnerable to cyberattacks, budget concerns and staffing issues than ever before. In this context, spreadsheets and disconnected tools just don’t cut it. With TMS’ connected workplace capabilities, you have the functionality you need to support operations, streamline reporting, coordinate between departments and more.  

Improve cybersecurity efforts  

With comprehensive cybersecurity features and services like:  

  • Reports and dashboards to give you real-time insight into your department
  • Easy-to-create compliance reports and automated inspections  
  • Consistent training on what’s new  
  • Additional IS/IT-related fields and forms  
  • Big data for better analytics
  • Advanced medical device security tools  

Streamline maintenance tasks  

  • Consolidate HFM, HTM, supply chain and IoT onto one platform  
  • Build and automate flexible workflows to control costs and improve productivity  
  • Automate your preventive maintenance and alternative equipment maintenance tasks (AEM)  
  • Coordinate between departments using one tool to assign, track and execute maintenance tasks  

Support your staffs

  • Connect all your business systems and departments, including HR, IT, logistics, facilities, real estate, supply chain, and maintenance  
  • Empower your teams with modern tech that automated complex tasks and allows them to truly get to work
  • Control costs and maximize efficiency without compromising on quality of care  

Integrate your most important technologies  

Talk to the various areas of your business and connect key departments with:  

  • TMS’ RESTAPI, coming in 2022  
  • ServiceNow integrations, which allow you to pass information and work values between TMS and ServiceNow, ensuring your connected assets and related work are up-to-date in both systems.
  • New APIs to connect your core systems –including testing, cybersecurity, building automation, fire monitoring, air management, equipment management and purchasing – with TMS to reduce cost, efforts, errors, and delays while increasing efficiency.