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Published: Feb 06 2019

One Platform for Your Maintenance Lifecycle

vx Observe, vx Maintain, vx Sustain and vx Field.

When an asset breaks down or ceases to work at full capacity it costs your business money and time. The cost of downtime extends across an enterprise and the time it takes to get the asset working again has a significant impact on financial performance and customer relationships. Whether your company operates assets or services those of your customers, a fast, effective, well-managed service and maintenance program pays for itself many times over.

  • Proactively monitor equipment to move away from reactive maintenance.
  • Manage to the asset level in order to more accurately manage maintenance spend.
  • Manage your maintenance from malfunction to repair.

Connect your assets, facilities and service providers to a single platform.

Accruent’s best in class cloud-based software helps businesses manage the full maintenance life cycle of its physical assets. From alarms to work orders to service performed, we monitor critical assets through alarm management and predictive analytics. Any issues found either through alarms management or on site can be managed through our work order management solution. Field service teams and contractors can then be managed through our mobile workforce management solution.

All of these solutions are fully integrated to work together seamlessly. Our open APIs can connect these critical systems to virtually any enterprise software and any sensor/control device that can exchange information to our system.

Save money and improve performance KPIs.

Our users see both financial and process-based return on investment using our platform.

Our customers report increases in:

  • Revenues.
  • SLA Compliance.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Retention.
  • Profits.

Our customers are reducing time needed for:

  • Repairing Assets.
  • Overtime Expenses.
  • Energy Spending.
  • Lost Inventory.
  • Repeat Service Visits.
  • Food Loss.
  • Contract Leakage.

"Accruent has helped us save 5% in total maintenance spend.”


vx Observe - Remote Asset Management | Predictive Equipment Analytics
Automate the collection and analysis of asset performance data to make critical business decisions.

vx Observe - Energy Mangement
Reduce energy consumption and spend by analyzing energy data to make better business decisions.

vx Maintain - Maintenance Management
Manage assets, facilities, and the work associated with keeping them productive.

vx Sustain - Enterprise Refrigerant Management
Manage refrigerant and be compliant with state, federal, and international regulations.

vx Field - Mobile Workforce Management
Manage field service teams and measure their performance against company standards.

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