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Published: Nov 15 2018

Workday Schedules for Siterra Projects

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Increase Project Forecasting Accuracy by Streamlining Complex Scheduling

Accurate time estimates and project durations are critical to effective project management. Poor estimates can result in drawn out delivery times, which can then negatively impact your tower site or portfolio revenue.

With Siterra’s powerful workforce scheduling tool, you can configure multiple complex schedules to ensure accurate project forecasting and more streamlined scheduling.

  • Achieve greater project scheduling accuracy.
  • Reduce the degree of manual schedule adjustments.
  • Account for weekends, holidays, and other types of non-workdays.

Manage Global Schedules with Siterra.

With Siterra’s comprehensive workday schedules tool, your project managers can be more precise in managing both schedules and true level of effort on their projects. Administrators can define what constitutes a normal work week, and capture holidays and other non-workdays into one or more calendars.

Accounting for varying workday schedules allows tower portfolio admins to define a work week and an associated set of holiday calendars that align with a country, region, or other type of project scope. With Siterra and workday schedules, project managers are better equipped to handle all the scheduling nuances of a global operation and can increase project accuracy.

Using Siterra for Project Management.

Whether your company seeks to improve SLA compliance to increase customer satisfaction, or drive faster turnaround times to reduce costs, an optimized workflow is the key to your success. Siterra offers a purpose-built platform for managing the full life cycle of your projects.

Steamline Workflows with Time-saving Features.

Milestone and Task Scheduling.

Establish task dependencies between related projects based on completed milestones to ensure proper timelines and workflows between linked projects are followed

Proof of Execution.

Require documentation, including GPS-verified photographs, to ensure proper workflows are followed by all team members and vendors.

Schedule Visibility.

Use project financials to generate budget schedules and project forecasting to predict timeline adjustments

Use project financials to generate budget schedules and project forecasting to predict timeline adjustments.

Improve Accountability.

Oversee all project tasks and deliverables in a single system and track each stakeholder’s role in critical paths

Improve Project Consistency.

Automate the progression of projects with templates and ensure workflows are followed with proof of execution

Increase Visibility.

Make data-driven business decisions and manage costs against budgets with project forecasting and financials

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