Reducing errors with streamlined data handover between engineering and maintenance.

The Company

Radboud University Medical Center (Radboudumc) is a leading teaching hospital in the Netherlands, connecting research, education, and patient care to contribute to the future of healthcare and medical science. With over 11,000 employees and 3,200 students, it is one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands.

By creating a single source of up-to-date information that removes silos and integrates with our EAM solution, Meridian has helped us reduce maintenance errors by 50% and save $20,000 annually in unnecessary rework.”
Will Baten, Information Specialist, Real Estate & Infrastructure


The Challenge

Before Meridian, Radboudumc was using spreadsheets stored on local computers to manage documents, which was insufficient for controlling changes to complex 2D and 3D CAD files. Sharing criterial information was challenging, with maintenance and contractors unable to access the latest versions of documents needed to work on medical equipment out in the field.

  • Staff time wasted trying to locate correct drawings and documents
  • Inability to manage simultaneous changes caused errors and missing data
  • Maintenance project delays and rework due to lack of complete information
With Meridian, we ensure compliance with Joint Commission International standards as well as other equipment and government requirements, which allows us to better serve our patients and stay focused on our mission of contributing to the future of healthcare and medical science.”
Will Baten, Information Specialist, Real Estate & Infrastructure


The Solution

Radboudumc selected Meridian to provide the team with global access to more than 115,000 documents and drawings through a centralized system. Concurrent changes to documents can now be made, and Maintenance can quickly and easily find the latest versions by clicking a button within IBM Maximo. Meridian also supports the hospital’s building information modeling (BIM) initiatives with Autodesk Revit integration.

  • Automatic title block syncing between AutoCAD and Meridian
  • Ability to view drawings on the go without the native application
  • Controlled access rights and audit trails for concurrent engineering
Managing infrastructure projects using 3D CAD and BIM are strategic imperatives for our industry, and the integration that Meridian provides helps us ensure that these file types remain controlled and accurate throughout the facility lifecycle.”
Will Baten, Information Specialist, Real Estate & Infrastructure


The Result

By implementing Meridian with the help of Accruent partner, Eyeonim, Radboudumc has achieved notable cost and time savings with improved business processes across departments. Engineering, maintenance and contractors now benefit from faster document search, retrieval and exchange, resulting in increased productivity and streamlined project delivery. Additionally, controlled change management has reduced the risk of mistakes to keep facilities running safely and efficiently.

  • 75% reduction in time spent searching for information
  • $10,000 annual savings in printing costs
  • 50% reduction in maintenance errors
  • $20,000 annual savings in unnecessary rework
  • 50% faster handover of information to maintenance and contractors

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