Managing your facility and equipment alarms using vx Observe, an IoT remote monitoring solution, can reduce false alarm service calls and save your organization time, resources, and money. This infographic, as well as Eliminate Alarms Noise and Action Real Issues, each highlight the potential savings for your organization.

Service calls reduced:

  • 2 service calls avoided per month through alarms filtering.
  • Multiplied by $500 average cost of service truck roll.
  • Plus $500 per month saved in emergency costs and fees.
  • Equals $1,500 per month in reduced service calls.

Employee costs saved:

  • 15 alarms per month that do not require management review.
  • Multiplied by 10 minutes per alarm.
  • Multiplied by $30 average manager wage per hour.
  • Equals $75 per month.

Potential savings, per year & per location:

  • $1,575 x 12 months = $18,900.