November 19, 2019

Accruent & Synchronoss Announce Strategic Partnership to Deliver IoT Solutions for Highly Dynamic Environments

Learn how the companies combine analytical strengths, the ability to operationalize analytics, and industry credibility to help organizations solve problems.

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Companies combine analytical strengths, ability to operationalize analytics, and industry credibility.

Austin, Texas, November 19, 2019 – Accruent, the world’s leading provider of solutions for the built environment, and Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: SNCR), a global leader and innovator of cloud, messaging, digital and Internet of Things (IoT) products, have announced a partnership that will combine the Synchronoss Insights Platform with Accruent’s vx Observe IoT asset monitoring software. The collaboration will deliver valuable insights and efficiencies to enterprises across facilities and greatly expand the effectiveness of enterprise IoT solutions.

In Microsoft’s 2019 IoT Signals survey, 88% of companies surveyed indicated that the IoT will be critical to their success while 56% of respondents indicated they were adopting IoT technology to optimize operations – the single most common reason given. For many organizations, the complexity and uniqueness of their facilities portfolio make operational enhancement very challenging. Peak asset and facility performance not only require analysis of many sources of telemetry data, but also entails the ability to control connected assets through multiple interconnected channels and to interact with those assets and facilities within existing workflows.

One example of a complex challenge faced by global facilities managers is the management of energy consumption and spend, especially in countries where the cost of energy varies greatly based on the timing of consumption. Managing energy use to minimize costs requires constant analysis of asset performance, as well as the ability to control assets in a way that allows multiple controls and setpoints to be acted upon simultaneously. The ability to address such a challenge with the right data and tools can drive major improvements in financial performance.

To meet the challenges of such dynamic environments, Synchronoss and Accruent have combined the strengths of their IoT software products. The partnership brings together both companies’ deep analytical capabilities, asset control expertise and workflow integration to inject automated business intelligence into operations. This makes the massive amount of collected data consumable and actionable for everyone, from CFOs to facility managers and facility engineers.

Mary Clark, Chief Product Officer and CMO, Synchronoss, said, “The huge amount of data produced today by IoT devices is virtually useless unless analytics and machine learning are applied to make sense of it all. Combining Synchronoss’ ability to manage large-scale analytics capabilities with Accruent’s deep knowledge of physical resource management will allow enterprises across the globe to realize the potential of a truly ‘smart’ building and leverage their IoT-enabled assets.”

Accruent and Synchronoss are both accomplished companies that provide IoT platform solutions. Accruent’s vx Observe IoT software monitors assets at more than 25,000 locations worldwide and was recently named as a market leader in the Verdantix 2019 IoT for Smart Buildings Green Quadrant. Synchronoss provides IoT platform support for telecom operators, services providers and system integrators globally while providing real-time analytics of full building data.

Accruent and Synchronoss bring together expertise in facilities and asset management, high-volume analytics, workflow integration and credibility in the communications industry to help organizations solve business problems that had only partial solutions in the past. Together we can deliver solutions to help our customers overcome their operational challenges and optimize their built environment, allowing them to extract maximum value from their assets and focus on their serving customers and delivering value to shareholders.

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