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10-Step Webinar Series: Step 3 – Asset Inventory & Work Order Management, A Deep Dive

Explore how asset inventory and work order management can help improve your healthcare facilities maintenance so it becomes a strategic asset for your business.

Building on the original series, 10 Steps to Make Your Healthcare Technology and Facility Departments a Strategic Asset, Al Gresch, and Mike Zimmer will take a deeper dive into each of the 10 steps to share more tactical methods to help you climb the maturity curve and drive greater value and recognition for your department.

This session is eligible for one credit from ACI.

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Watch the Step 3: Asset Inventory & Work Order Management to:

  • Ensure all new/acquired equipment is routed through HTM for inventory, risk assessment, and planned maintenance scheduling
  • Set up a risk model for asset classification
  • Implement standardized LEAN workflows for work order management
  • Assign, open, and close work orders with ease
  • Recommend policies and procedures for sustaining optimum workflows
  • Deploy standardized corrective maintenance procedures
  • Create reports that will identify levels of compliance, opportunities, and best practice
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