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10 Step Webinar Series: Step 3 Asset & Work Order Management

Learn about key data and process methodologies as well as maintenance risk models, procedures, and policies for better asset and work order management.

In our series10 Steps to Make Your Healthcare Technology and Facilities Departments a Strategic Asset, Al Gresch will share data and process methodologies to drive value and recognition for your department.

In this session, we'll focus on Asset & Work Order Management.


Approved for 1 CEU by ACI

In this session, we'll learn how to:

  • Implement a risk model for asset classification
  • Implement standardized LEAN workflow for work order management
  • Determine what data should be captured and what should be required to manage and complete a work order whether in a remote location or at the bench
  • Document policies and procedures for the risk management model
  • Identify corrective maintenance procedures that should be standardized and implement them as interactive checklists
  • Develop and document policies and procedures for asset management workflows
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