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10-Step Webinar Series: Step 8 - Environment of Care (EOC) Rounding, A Deep Dive

Learn how to implement interactive surveys, automate, assign, and track distributions, design closed-loop processes, and create reports all within your CMMS.

Building on the original series, “10 Steps to Make Your Healthcare Technology and Facility Departments a Strategic Asset,” Al Gresch and Mike Myers take a deeper dive into each of the 10 steps to share more tactical methods to help you climb the maturity curve and drive greater value and recognition for your department.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Implement interactive surveys
  • Automate assignment and distribution of surveys
  • Automate corrective action assignment, distribution, and tracking
  • Create dashboards and reports for monitoring EOC KPIs and reporting for audits
  • Design and document a closed-loop process for managing rounds and addressing any documented issues
  • Accomplish all of this within your CMMS

This session is available for one credit from the ACI


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