Published: Oct 22 2018

Getting the Operator’s Perspective on Facilities Management

Facilities Management Coffee Talks Series Episode #3

Webinar Date: Wed Nov 07 2018

Webinar Time: 06:00 AM UTC

The pursuit in to be best in class is never ending and sometimes the most intelligent talks take place over coffee. The facilities management coffee talks series are three episodes that highlight feedback from real world facilities thought leaders and operators. Each coffee talk is around 20 mins. In our facilities management coffee talks we are going to cut through the noise to talk about industry trends, best practices in facilities management, and how to improve your business. This first series covers Asset Lifecycle Best Practices in facilities management.

Episode 1 – Top Trends in Asset Lifecyle Best Practices

Episode 2 – Remote Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance – Is it worth adding to your tech stack?

Episode 3 - An Operator's Perspective

This Webinar Covers

  • Facilities Management Top Trends from an operator’s perspective
  • What do operators see in the market today?
  • What should FM professionals be ready for next?