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Reshaping the Modern Workplace: The Future of Work is Now

Discover how to create a modern, hybrid workplace in light of changes from the pandemic, and what these recent changes might mean for the future.

The future of work is here, and it’s hybrid. Organizations of all sizes are looking to build modern workplaces to accommodate this new way of working. The race to create a better workplace experience for employees is on, as leaders also rethink the purpose of their office space.

Join us as we discuss how to create a modern, hybrid workplace that provides your employees with a safe and innovative workplace they demand, how the workplace experience has changed during the pandemic and what those changes mean for the future.

This 45-Minute Webinar Covers:

  • What is the current state of the workforce and is returning to the office still the main goal?
  • How to adapt your workplace for a richer employee experience
  • How to gain visibility into your space utilization data to drive decisions that impact your bottom-line
  • Strategies to create a modern workplace that is scalable and adaptable for the future


Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen
Senior Product Manager, Workplace Solutions, Accruent
Stephanie Leontis
Stephanie Leontis
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Workplace Management Solutions, Accruent
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